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Quintana Roo and Wattie Ink enter into tri team partnership

Quintana Roo PRfive

Quintana Roo (QR) and performance apparel company Wattie Ink have formed a partnership to provide team members of Wattie Ink’s Elite Team and the Wattie Ink company team Hit Squad with exclusive offers on QR’s PRseries bikes.

In a release, Peter Hurley, CEO at American Bicycle Group/Quintana Roo, and Sean ‘Wattie’ Watkins, founder of Wattie Ink, concurred that “This is a natural partnership and one we expect to grow in the future.”

“Quintana Roo is a legend in the industry,” Sean Watkins said. “It’s a venerable company that continues to innovate, refusing to rest on the work they’ve already accomplished. This is the type of company we want on our team.”

Elite Team Wattie Ink was first launched in 2010 and is made up of a group of 120 hand-selected individuals considered to be some of the best age group triathletes in the United States. The team’s mission is to train hard, race harder, and be the best possible representative of itself and the team’s sponsors. It is the testing ground for Wattie Ink’s look, ideas and brand.

The team has continued to grow over the years with more than 4,000 applications annually and is becoming a fixture at events and seen on podiums all over the world.

The Hit Squad was founded in 2016 with a focus on creating a community of triathletes that fosters performance, happiness and pride. The community promotes and strengthens the sport of triathlon. It trains and races in Wattie Ink gear, and provides support to teammates in training and racing. Team membership is through an annual application to Wattie Ink.

The bond and interconnectivity between the teams is facilitated by long-time member Tu Tran, who was named Director of Team Programs in April 2019. “We are excited about the relationship with Quintana Roo,” said Tran. “They have accomplished amazing things for the sport and industry. Together we want to impact the athletes by developing a richer experience in the sport. We are all better together.”

The Wattie Ink partnership joins the family of QR’s other elite team and pro triathlete partnerships.




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