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Quintana Roo HYDROfive wetsuit positioned with ‘optimal hydrodynamics at economical price’


Quintana Roo (QR), the brand that developed the first triathlon-specific wetsuit in the late 1980s, has launched the latest in the HYDRO series of wetsuits at the IRONMAN World Championships this week in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. The new HYDROfive aims to represent the next generation of the technology used to create QR’s HYDROsix wetsuit. This was released in 2018 and was named Triathlete magazine’s ‘Best in Class’ this year.

Quintana Roo notes that the HYDROfive is engineered with purposeful panel cuts and high-quality technical stretch materials. The new suit seeks to provide ‘optimal hydrodynamics, buoyancy, performance and speed at an economical price.’

The HYDROfive is designed for ‘comfortability, essential turnover, and balance’. By pairing neoprene with only 29 seam placements, QR can offer the HYDROfive at the US$479 price point ‘without sacrificing the quality or durability of the suit’.

The HYDROfive can be purchased online. Designed in men’s and women’s sizing, the HYDROfive and HYDROsix wetsuits come with a two-year, no-fault warranty. QR is also providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here, for 14 days after purchase, customers can take their HYDROfive or six for a swim or race in it, and if not happy with its performance, return the suit for a full refund.

“The development of the HYDRO-series of wetsuits has been a labour of love and very exciting for our team,” said Peter Hurley, President/CEO of American Bicycle Group, parent company of Quintana Roo.

“The HYDROfive represents the next step of our strategic business plan for wetsuits. This includes sourcing premium materials and developing processes to manufacture a wetsuit that will match any product on the market at an affordable price.”

The HYDROfive suit includes:

  • Yamamoto Neoprene Type 39 and 40 throughout the suit
  • Hydrodynamic buoyancy profile for maximum efficiency
  • Functional panel cuts and strategic seam placement
  • SCS nanocoating
  • Comfort seal neck design
  • Forearm catch panels

QR is now offering the award-winning HYDROsix at an MSRP of US$599, and like the HYDROfive, it can be ordered online.

QR is in Kona this week at the IRONMAN World Championships Product Village with the HYDROfive and HYDROsix wetsuits. Visitors to QR’s booth in the Village can sign up to win a HYDROsix and a PR frameset.




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