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Quintana Roo ties-up with HED co-develop a new HED wheelset

American Bicycle Group (ABG), manufacturer of Quintana Roo (QR) and Litespeed (LS) bikes, has formed a strategic alliance with HED Cycling to co-develop a new HED wheelset for its QR disc bikes. The Vanquish 6 GP wheelset is the result of this collaboration and is now being offered as an option on ABG’s QR custom-built Disc bikes, the PRsix, PRfive and the PRfour.

ABG claims that the co-developed Vanquish 6 GP wheelset takes QR’s disc-brake triathlon bikes to the next level of performance, and at the same time reduces the price of a custom-built bike… ‘The HED wheel lets QR customers upgrade to a custom-built, top-tier race wheel for about US$2k less than other carbon race wheel options.’

Made in HED’s Minnesota factory, the Vanquish 6 GP undergoes an in-depth quality control process. The proprietary wheels use the same patented rim shape that HED uses for all of its disc-specific wheelsets. The 6 GP shape is all-new, with a 30mm external width (21mm internal width). This results in a aerodynamic performance with 23-28mm tyres.

“Our passion to deliver value and top-level performance has been elevated to a new level with our partnership and collaboration with the HED team,” said ABG CEO Peter Hurley. “With this wheelset, the HED team has taken Steve Hed’s vision for high-performance, aerodynamic wheels and expanded on it with creative-thinking and integrity. I know our athletes will greatly appreciate the effort that went into this new wheel.”

HED is known for building the world’s most aerodynamic wheels. When Steve Hed started his company in 1984, he wanted not only aerodynamics but also the fastest wheels on earth. To do that, Hed looked at issues such as tyre performance, stability in crosswinds, lateral stiffness, drivetrain efficiency, durability, comfort, quality control, carbon fibre manipulation and weight. HED notes that all of these elements came into play with the development of the Vanquish 6 GP.

“The Vanquish 6 GP wheelset was our first pair of full carbon clinchers and we took a very collaborative approach to developing it with Quintana Roo,” said HED CEO Anne Hed. “The end result is something that I know my husband would have approved of. He loved nothing more than developing technologically advanced wheels for an unmatched value, and that’s what we did with QR.”

Quintana Roo will be at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas North American Championships in The Woodlands, Texas. Here, QR will have a booth where race attendees can demo a QR disc-brake bike and see the new HED wheels on display.




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