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Rapha Aero range: ‘developed for years to save you seconds’


Showcasing its new Rapha Aero range, apparel specialist Rapha notes that ‘the perfect performance is always hidden away’. The company notes that the difference between fifth and first is found in the years of training, perseverance and dedication; research, development and creation.



Rapha notes that its new Aero range has been ‘developed for years to save you seconds’…

Drag co-efficiency
Smooth leading edges, air-tripping shoulder seams and a napped back panel reduce turbulence, minimise drag and maximise speed.

Pressure mapping
Woven fabrics positioned in areas of high air pressure; tight-fitting knits for a compressive, drag-cheating fit.

Fabric bonding
Bonded seams on the arms and shoulders interrupt airflow with millimetre precision, causing it to spin away and reduce drag.



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