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Rawvelo launches Organic Hydration Drinks Mix


After two years of research and product development, sports nutrition brand Rawvelo has launched what is being billed as ‘the first 100% Organic Hydration Drinks Mix on the UK market’.

The natural nutrition specialist adds that it is providing a ‘natural solution to hydration which is free from artificial ingredients.’

Working with athletes from professional racing teams, including Drops Pro Cycling and Bianchi Dama to develop the product, Rawvelo focused on creating a balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes using clean and natural ingredients.

Rawvelo’s Organic Hydration Drink Mix uses coconut water powder to give a full electrolyte profile, including potassium, magnesium and other trace minerals, designed for optimal hydration to replace essential electrolytes, and fluid lost during exercise through sweat.

“Our philosophy across all of our nutritional products is ‘liquid for hydration and food for fuel’,” said Jason Evans, Co-Founder and Director at Rawvelo. “We were set on producing an organic hydration drink as opposed to an energy drink.

“These are often too high in carbohydrates for optimal hydration, and in worst case scenarios can actually dehydrate you. Zero calorie electrolyte tabs, which use artificial sweeteners and have no carbohydrate content, also do not offer optimal hydration.”

The Rawvelo Organic Hydration Drink Mix is free from artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colourings, and is available in three variants – Raspberry, Lemon and Neutral. The product contains on average 400mg of sodium, 22g carbohydrate, and 90 calories per serving, ‘ensuring an optimal balance of ingredients for quick and effective absorption’.

Jason Evans added, “Initially we experimented with home grown recipes in our kitchen, and were focused on delivering a clean hydration mix that was not only natural and healthy, but one which people could ‘stomach’. Using the natural flavours from freeze dried fruit powders and freeze dried coconut water, we tested and refined the mix before locating a UK manufacturer to produce our recipes to exacting standards.

“We were then confident to take the Hydration Mix to the professionals, and worked with Georgie Panchaud from the Bianchi Dama Women’s Team and Jasmijn Muller to further develop the mix for optimum performance.

“Testing took place under pressure in the heat of the desert in the BikingMan Oman where Jasmijn won the event, and Georgie came in third. The results spoke for themselves and the athlete feedback was invaluable. The professionals highlighted the need for a ‘neutral’ flavour as often pro teams require a non-flavoured option drink to simply replace the electrolytes.

“Our Rawvelo athletes are already using the Organic Hydration Mix and we are keen for our everyday athletes to benefit from this clean and natural solution to hydration. As well as larger 400g pouches, the mix will be available in handy 25g resealable and reusable packs to make it as convenient as possible for people to hydrate on the move and top up during long days out on the bike.

“These small pouches can be refilled from our bigger 400g pouches meaning less packaging waste – customers can be assured the packaging for both sizes is also recyclable. This is in keeping with our overall philosophy of long-term sustainable health for the planet as well as the individual.”

The Hydration Mix is available in two sizes – 400g 16 serving pouches and 25g single serving sachets, which are resealable and reusable, plus all packaging is recyclable. The product retails at £25 for 400g and £1.85 for the 25g single serving.




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