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‘Road to Haute Route’ kicks off with Challenge Family triathlons


As part of a partnership confirmed earlier this year, Haute Route has announced the details of the Road to Haute Route promotion with Challenge Family. Starting on November 1, 2019, Challenge Family athletes will be able to access a 10% discount on any 2020 three-day Haute Route event at a special Challenge Family landing page on hauteroute.org.

Haute Route created the Road to Haute Route program to recruit a new wave of athletes to its multi-day road events in iconic locations. The event organiser notes that participating in triathlon, running, swimming or other endurance sports can have a positive impact on an athlete’s performance during an Haute Route cycling event. In addition, it notes that the training effect from participating in an Haute Route event can help athletes improve performance in triathlon, running, swimming or other endurance competitions.

The goals of the program are to ‘bring athletes together from a variety of sporting backgrounds, to encourage athletes to participate across disciplines, and to create training opportunities that elevate athlete performance in any goal event.’

Challenge Family produces over 30 events in more than 20 countries. For tens of thousands of Challenge Family triathletes, participating in a 3-day Haute Route provides a challenging training block – two road stages of about 140 kilometres with 2500-3500m of climbing, plus one time trial.

“Haute Route allows me to experience another level of cycling that is very different from triathlon” said triathlete Michael Latifi, who rode five Haute Route events in 2019. “I’m riding and racing with true road cyclists, and they push me each day to new and higher levels of performance on the bike. That was a big goal for me this year – to become a better, fitter and stronger cyclist”

Haute Route CEO, Matt Holden said “Having Challenge Family associated with the Road to Haute Route Program is a strong message to our riders and to the endurance athletes in general. Road to Haute Route aims to provide the most powerful endurance sports calendar to our riders because cycling is perfect training for triathlon and triathlon is perfect training for achieving greater performances during the Haute Route.”

“The partnership with Haute Route enables us to offer our athletes an even wider portfolio of endurance challenges,” added Jort Vlam on behalf of Challenge Family’s board. “To participate in their multi-day events is a nice way to improve your cycling skills on one hand, but on the other hand is a unique experience in itself, thanks to the athlete-orientated approach and high-class service level we have in common.”

The Road to Haute Route Program will include a comprehensive calendar of partner events, ranging from off-road and indoor cycling disciplines, endurance sports that feature cycling as a component of the competition (i.e. triathlon, duathlon), and events for which cycling is a component of athlete training (running, trail running, skiing, tennis, etc.).