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Rouvy acquires route recording business CycleRecon


Rouvy, the indoor cycling platform for cyclists and triathletes, has acquired UK-based CycleRecon and its route video recording business. The terms and transaction fee were not disclosed.

Rouvy is a unique platform that allows users to ride and compete virtually using real-life videos and cycling race routes. Rouvy’s Augmented Routes combine high-quality, geo-synced video footage with animated 3D riders for an immersive indoor cycling experience.

Based in Wiggonby, in the English county of Cumbria, the CycleRecon video recording business specialises in the creation and distribution of HD cycling videos, helping cyclists in their indoor training endeavours. Recorded on motorcycles, CycleRecon’s professionally filmed videos aim to ‘have an authentic and realistic feel of riding and racing outdoors over legendary UK cycling routes.’

“With the acquisition of CycleRecon, we aim to broaden the number of our immersive Augmented Routes – expanding virtual video routes of British sportives and interactive video workouts,” said Petr Samek, Rouvy co-founder and CEO. “Capturing geo-located videos, which are later processed to our augmented/mixed reality mode, requires good equipment. Rouvy is acquiring all assets of CycleRecon, including a specially-built motorcycle, recording equipment and the database of all video material with corresponding rights.”

Samek continued, “Until now, Rouvy’s library, containing over 3,000 videos, was filled by user submissions or buying of licenses for the streamed HD video content recorded by other companies. From now on, we will be able to create high-quality video material for e-racing and training ourselves, in addition to other options.”

CycleRecon also owns a series of videos of mostly iconic climbs of the UK. The recording of this series took its inspiration from the book, ‘100 Greatest Cycling Climbs: A Road Cyclist’s Guide to Britain’s Hills’ by Simon Warren. Cycling Weekly marked the book as: ‘A must-have for any British cyclist and an essential read for anyone who thinks they know their way around the hills of the British Isles.’

Rouvy notes that its users and the global cycling community can count on new, great video training content during the upcoming winter season 2019/2020, made out of CycleRecon video material and recorded with the new equipment.



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