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Rouvy releases 40km Kona bike leg for augmented riding and racing


Expanding on its newly released technology of augmented routes, indoor training app Rouvy has made available a part of the Kona bike course for indoor racing and training.

Rouvy, a platform for cyclists and triathletes, has released its latest course for its augmented/mixed reality mode – IM Kona. The 40km bike course is part of the iconic route for the IRONMAN World Championship, in Hawai’i each October.

“We are very excited to provide the global triathlon community with this opportunity,” said Petr Samek, CEO of Rouvy. “For many amateur triathletes, getting to Kona will remain a dream. The competition to qualify is incredible. Now triathletes can experience the course in their training room.”

He continued, “Those times when indoor training was boring are gone. Now we are working to make race preparation equally efficient for any type of rider. On Rouvy, we see the number of pro athletes growing. The ability to ride your seasonal events in the winter gives you the proper confidence and competitive advantage.”

“Once public beta testing of augmented routes is over; we plan on releasing a full version of the course,” added Yuriy Ryashko, Marketing Executive for Rouvy. “There is a plan to release and cover most of the well-known triathlon events. We believe Rouvy’s realistic indoor cycling experience is to become an indispensable standard for a training cave.

“The soon to be released drafting feature will level up the road feel in our simulation.”

Rouvy is an indoor platform with augmented overlays over geo-synced, real-life footage. The latest release incorporates animated 3D objects within GPS-synced video routes. The library contains 2,500 videos, and this is growing as Rouvy continues to expand its platform.



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