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Rouvy reports its indoor platform numbers for January 2019


Rouvy, a mixed-reality simulation platform for indoor cycling, has reported its numbers for the month of January 2019.

“We started a new tradition in 2018 – to report to our users and industry with a portion of detailed statistics,” said Yuriy Ryashko, Marketing Executive at Rouvy. “The global community of Rouvy athletes continues to demonstrate a high and stable growth.

“The amount of available training video content is growing impressively as well. Rouvy enables anyone to put a GPS camera on a car or bike and process a favourite or race video route for [use] indoors within hours. Additionally, cutting-edge newly available multi-rider racing in augmented/mixed reality mode gives us a competitive advantage. We are looking forward to having another great year in 2019.”

Training totals uploaded in January 2019:

  • Total distance in km: 2,337,737 (2.3m km)
  • Average training time: 45 minutes
  • Average distance/activity: 16.5 km
  • Sources of rider power: smart trainers 88% / power meters 4% / classic trainers 8%
  • Geographic coverage: 129 countries

Most active users by nation

  • Czech Republic: 162 km
  • Belgium: 151 km
  • South Africa: 138 km
  • Poland: 117 km
  • USA: 111 km
  • Number of all routes on the platform: 23,368
  • Total distance of all virtual routes: ~1,600,000 km
  • Upload of new routes: 16 routes each day
  • Number of geo-synced video routes: 2,577
  • Total distance of video routes: 65,500 km
  • Upload of new video routes: 2 routes each day
  • Grand Tour and triathlon video routes: 70+ famous race destinations

Rouvy is an indoor cycling platform with augmented overlays over geo-synced, real-life footage. The latest release incorporates animated 3D objects within GPS-synced video routes. According to the company, this brings riders from all over the world virtually together on the most popular race courses.



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