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Scorpion MTB tyres from Pirelli


Having re-entered the road cycling tyre category in the past couple of years, Pirelli has now expanded its presence to the off-road world. Scorpion MTB is the company’s first line of tyres dedicated to mountain bikes.

The new Pirelli MTB tyres are a range of models designed for a variety of terrains, based on consistency, from hard to softer product offerings.

The Scorpion MTB range (company trademark) takes its name from Pirelli’s motocross tyres, which can boast over 70 world titles in the MX category. Like all other Pirelli bike tyres, the new MTB range was also developed at the company’s Milano Bicocca R&D laboratories.

Scorpion MTB includes a ‘SmartGRIP Compound’. This was produced in Pirelli’s Racing factories, where the engineering of the company’s well-known F1 tyre compounds takes place.

For its tests, prototype development and field testing, the company relied on its Field Testing department in Sicily, a key division with more than 35 years in the motorbike field. Eight dedicated testers reportedly carried out over 450 tests on different surfaces and 40 data recording sessions, performing checks, measurements and assemblies on more than 800 different tyre prototypes and 7 different rim sizes.

The Pirelli MTB range is ‘defined by a name that is self-explanatory and by a colour code, which immediately identifies the terrain for which the tyre is designed.’

  • The Scorpion H (Hard Terrain – red) are dedicated to hard terrains, compact surfaces and those with embedded rocks.
  • The Scorpion M (Mixed Terrain – yellow) are for mixed terrains, where changes can also be unpredictable or sudden, from hard-packs to sand, pebbles and roots. •
  • The Scorpion S (Soft Terrain – light blue) are for soft surfaces.
  • The Scorpion R (Rear Specific – green) offer more traction to the rear wheel and are also dedicated to mixed terrains.

According to Pirelli, its SmartGRIP Compound can be used on dry and wet, without losing performance. Thanks to this specific compound, the variable of climate or temperature does not affect the performance of the new tyres. This means they have been designed to offer grip and handling in all atmospheric conditions.

As was the case for the SmartNET Silica Compound, which resolved a trade-off between rolling resistance and wet grip on the PZero Velo road tyres, the SmartGRIP Compound ‘closes the gap between tear resistance and wet grip’.

The first Pirelli Scorpion MTB products will arrive in the EMEA, NAFTA & APAC markets starting in March 2019.



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