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SCOTT Sports opens new HQ


SCOTT Sports‘ new HQ is operational, bringing together the company’s brand portfolio as well as centralizing structures within one building.

In April 2019, after a construction phase of three years, SCOTT Sports put its new headquarters fully into operation. Situated in Givisiez, Switzerland, the new global HQ will be the home for all of SCOTT’s divisions – Bike, Winter, Moto and Running.

It will also serve as the organizational centre for SCOTT’s other brands: Syncros, Bergamont, Bold Cycles, Avanti, Malvern Star, Dolomite, Powderhorn, Bach, Lizard and Outdoor Research.



An outer structure of 400 aluminium windows controlled by 880 separate motors create a natural light ambience inside.

As a result of the collaboration with leading companies such Kvadrat DK and Price Industries, the new HQ building is the very first in Europe working with a system to control heating, ventilation and acoustics all at the same time.

Sustainable energy supply and resource friendly heating through geothermal power, solar technology as well as district heat emphasize the sustainable character of the whole concept. Framed by a clear architecture and a combination of materials – wood, concrete, glass and metal – the new HQ provides a stage for SCOTT’s product portfolio and further growth over the next decade.



“With this new building, we put SCOTT’s values at the core when starting this ambitious project from scratch,” said Beat Zaugg, CEO at SCOTT Sports. “Sustainability and forward thinking, we strongly focused on incorporating the latest technologies available to once more position SCOTT as an innovation driver.

“SCOTT has been in Givisiez for 40 years, now with the new building we have successfully created the infrastructure to allow us to grow even further within the next 40 years.”

He continued, “The working culture and today’s workplace needs are important to us. We live a strong team culture, projects are driven by several departments simultaneously. Again, having all employees in the same building enables fast, seamless communication and collaboration, a real alternative to the home office.”



Designed to host up to 600 people on 7 floors, 50 state-of-the-art meeting rooms as well as further casual meeting facilities, bike garages, fitness rooms and lockers accessible for employees – SCOTT’s new HQ displays an investment into the company’s future growth as well as that of its employees.

Key facts:

  • 7 floors
  • 440 stairs
  • 480-600 working seats
  • 50 meeting rooms
  • 25,865m² overall area / 4,072 m² footprint
  • 4,000m² of showrooms
  • 760 days construction phase: (6 June 2016 to 30 April 2019)
  • 550 people involved in construction and planning
  • 5783m² surface covered with glass
  • 880 motors to manage aluminium screens
  • 300km/186mi electrical lines

4,000m² of showrooms provide a comprehensive product range overview of SCOTT’s products as well as those of the group’s other brands.

A central atrium over the full height of the building is combined with a staircase leading the way down from the entrance into the auditorium. The public rooms are attached to the sides of the auditorium. The cafeteria and restaurant are connected to this open space and provide a view of the park area outside.

The office space is located on the four upper floors. The open office landscape aims to promote a lively exchange and development of ideas; whereas closed areas encourage a more concentrated working atmosphere. The micro-perforated, sun-controlled aluminium façade allows daylight to flow into the interior.

The sun protection on the upper floors and the high-tech basement façade make the inner activity visible. R&D, marketing and sales are managed from the headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. SCOTT employs more than 1500 people worldwide and operates in more than 100 markets.



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