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Separation of big event dates: DATEV Challenge Roth confirmed for July 5, 2020

Challenge Roth Triathlon - Solar Hill - Photo by Stephen Pond - Getty Images

DATEV Challenge Roth will take place in 2020 on the first Sunday in July – Sunday 5th July 2020. Therefore, the organising team add that ‘the world’s largest long-distance triathlon will remain on its familiar date.’

Representatives from IRONMAN, Team Challenge GmbH and the Deutsche Triathlon Union (DTU) have reportedly agreed together on setting a date for the big German long-distance races in 2020. The target aim, and a request by all parties, was to ensure a separation of dates. This seeks to ensure that athletes, visitors, media and exhibitors do not have to decide on which of the big triathlon events to participate in, due to clashing dates.

‘All parties will also continue to strive for the best possible solution for the upcoming years.’

“I am happy that we were able to talk about a solution for 2020 in a very cooperative and friendly way that is suitable for every one of us,” said DATEV Challenge Roth’s CEO Felix Walchshöfer. “For our sport and our shared passion this is a quantum jump in the right direction we can all benefit from in the end.”



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