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SiS opens new e-commerce facility


Science in Sport has opened a new e-commerce fulfilment facility in Nelson, Lancashire, to drive the online sales of its PhD and SiS brands.

The e-commerce facility, a leasehold property adjacent to the company’s existing manufacturing and packaging site in North West England, commenced despatching orders on 1 June from the PhD website, phd.com. The company notes that the 16,000 sq ft facility benefits from a highly efficient and streamlined layout with an integrated inventory management system.

Science in Sport acquired the PhD brand in December 2018 and relaunched its website in April, based on the Magento 2 e-commerce platform, earlier this year. Key metrics from the website, including customer engagement, are said to be in line with company expectations.

The website and new e-commerce facility are part of the strategy to drive PhD’s own online sales, replicating the successful direct sales of the SiS brand.

Stephen Moon, Science in Sport’s Chief Executive Officer, said “Our objective is to grow PhD’s own online sales aggressively in the same way that we have grown sales from the SiS website, which were up 40% last year. The opening of the new e-commerce facility, which follows the relaunch of the PhD website, will provide the operational capability to deliver PhD’s online growth whilst also delivering efficiencies through the integration of PhD’s and SiS’s online fulfilment.”

He continued, “This new e-commerce facility represents another important milestone in bringing together the PhD and SiS businesses and confirms that the overall integration plan remains firmly on track.”



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