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SOUL Electronics is all ears with new ST-XS2 earbuds


SOUL Electronics, a specialist in consumer audio designed for active and fitness-oriented lifestyles, has unveiled its ST-XS2. This is the second generation of ST-XS and the brand’s newest addition to its growing portfolio of ‘true wireless’ earphones.

Building on the momentum established in 2018 with the wireless earbuds ST-XS and EMOTION, ST-XS2 is equipped with SOUL’s signature sound quality. The company uses Bluetooth v5.0 technology with products designed for those with an ‘active, fitness-forward daily routine’. According to the company, this makes it an ideal audio solution for consumers seeking a combination of premium sound and maximum durability.

Delivering a fresh, personalized twist to the original-generation ST-XS, the ST-XS2 comes in four colours – matte black, pure white, navy blue, and sakura pink. ST-XS2 includes an auto-pairing function, wirelessly connecting the earbuds to a smartphone in just a few seconds.

Additional features of the ST-XS2 include a unique, C-shaped ear hook design by Freebit and interchangeable ear tips, which help to ensure optimal comfort and a secure fit for all ear sizes and shapes.

ST-XS2’s charging capabilities also mark a significant upgrade from the original ST-XS. The ST-XS2 utilizes USB-C technology, enabling fast charging and an extended battery life of up to 25 hours. An incorporated transparent audio mode allows background sounds to penetrate through the earbuds, providing increased awareness of surroundings for safe listening when out and about.

“SOUL takes pride in delivering quality products that customers can use throughout all points of their day-to-day routines,” said Angus Tsang, Vice President of Engineering, SOUL Electronics. “After listening to a number of requests we received from SOUL fans, we wanted to create a true wireless earbud that reflected the on-the-go nature of our user’s lives.

“The ST-XS2 provides seamless listening throughout workouts, errands, and more – without interrupting your favourite music. With ST-XS2, SOUL fans can expect the same premium sound quality and durable engineered design that lead them to fall in love with our brand and has propelled SOUL towards becoming a worldwide leader in audio lifestyle products.”

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the new earbuds also claim durability in up to 3 feet of water.

The ST-XS2 is now officially available for purchase on SoulElectronics.com for an MSRP of US$99.99.



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