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Speaking on your behalf: NFC tech in new POC helmets


POC has introduced two world-first cycling helmets, the Tectal Race SPIN NFC and the Ventral Air SPIN NFC, which include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to aid user safety and protection. Here, the helmets store a rider’s medical profile, which can communicate for them when they may be unable to.

In addition, POC is unveiling a brand new helmet, the Axion SPIN, which has been developed with a host of POC’s innovations, a patent-pending break-away visor system and adds to POC’s range of award-winning trail and mountain bike helmets.

With Aim Clarity and Define Clarity, two completely new models of eyewear developed for road and mountain bike riders, POC is also expanding the range of its performance eyewear which claims to provide ‘unsurpassed levels of visual clarity’.

POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, said “The Tectal Race SPIN NFC and the Ventral Air SPIN NFC are the first of their kind, no other cycling helmet has this NFC technology integrated and I am delighted that along with the Axion, Aim and Define, we are continuing to bring new ideas around safety and protection to our users and the industry.

“We are driven by our safety mission, and with the dedication and enthusiasm of the whole POC team, we are committed to pushing boundaries and be at the vanguard of innovation, safety and product development.”

A leading manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armour and apparel, POC was founded in 2005 in Sweden, with a mission to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’. It has received over 60 international awards for technology, innovation and design, including the prestigious Bike industry ‘Brand of the Year’ award.

Tectal Race SPIN NFC and Ventral Air SPIN NFC
Billed as ‘The helmet that can speak for you when you can’t’. The Tectal Race SPIN NFC has all the safety and performance features of the trail and enduro specific Tectal Race SPIN, and provides added security thanks to the inclusion of a digital NFC Medical ID Chip.

With a RECCO reflector included, it’s also easier for mountain rescuers to find a rider. The separate NFC chip can then be read, by rescue teams or other riders, simply by holding an NFC-enabled smartphone over the helmet to give rescuers the information they need at the scene, and support them in making the best judgments for treatment in the vital ‘Golden Hour’ immediately after an accident when the correct treatment is essential.

The Ventral Air SPIN NFC, which features the same ventilation and lightweight as the Ventral Air SPIN, also integrates an NFC chip and is suited to a multitude of riding – from adventure to gravel and road.

Integrating the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip is unique in a cycling helmet and allows the helmet to ‘talk for you and protect you even after an accident as the NFC chip holds your chosen details and medical profile.’

NFC is a wireless data transfer technology that POC has partnered with the Swedish company, MY ICE INFO AB, to integrate into the Tectal Race SPIN NFC and Ventral Air SPIN NFC helmets. The chip can be uploaded and deleted continuously, requires no battery, or cloud service and is virtually weightless. It is embedded between the liner and shell to ensure security and readability.

Axion SPIN
Designed for trail and enduro riders, the new Axion SPIN is a lightweight, ventilated mountain bike helmet with extended coverage around the temples and at the back of the head for enhanced safety, protection and comfort. Developed with precise channels and vents to control airflow and keep a rider cool, the Axion SPIN includes a 360° size adjustment system which also provides a finely tuned fit.

The helmet features a fully wrapped unibody shell for improved structural integrity, whilst the patent-pending adjustable breakaway peak works to enhance safety in a crash, as it reduces forces transmitted to the neck. It can also be adjusted to increase protection from the sun, rain and mud or simply to tune into individual rider preference and needs. The Axion SPIN also features POC’s patent-pending silicone pad technology system, SPIN (Shearing Pad INside).

Aim Clarity
The all-new Aim Clarity sunglasses feature an oversized spherical lens for coverage and ability to maximize a rider’s field of view. Featuring Clarity lens technology from optical industry specialist Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens, the lenses control the colour spectrum for enhanced contrast and color definition.

Suitable for varying types of road and trail riding, the Aim Clarity sunglasses include temples and an adjustable nose piece of hydrophilic rubber to ensure they sit firmly in place. The frames are constructed from grilamid to ensure strength, durability whilst maintaining a low weight.

Define Clarity
Created for ride performance, the brand new Define Clarity sunglasses seek to epitomize POC’s approach to fusing function and form. Featuring Clarity lens technology, the lenses control the colour spectrum for enhanced contrast and colour definition when riding MTB or in urban settings, and the lightweight grilamid delivers a lightweight package with enhanced flexibility and durability.

Hydrophilic rubber grips on the temples and nose piece ensure that the glasses stay in place. In addition, the lens shape will allow for corrective optical lenses to be fitted if needed. Designed for use on the trails but equally functional in everyday settings, the Define sunglasses offer a ‘seamless fit with the new Axion SPIN helmet’.



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