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Šport24.sk is new title partner for The Championship’s TryAthlon

Age group triathletes at Challenge Family - The Championship 2017

The Championship is one of the most important races in Challenge Family’s race calendar. On June 2nd, 2019, many of the world’s best triathletes will head to Samorin in Slovakia to determine who is the strongest over the main middle distance championship event.

Yet, Challenge Family also notes that The Championship is not only for the best pros, but also for children, age groupers and new starters to the sport. For this group, there will be a TryAthlon; and this race format has a new title partner, Slovakian media firm Šport 24, and now carries the name ‘TryAthlon by Šport24.sk’.

Where participants of The Championship’s main middle distance event participate in a 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and a 21.1km run, the TryAthlon by Šport24.sk consists of a 300m swim, 13 km bike ride followed by a 3 km run.

All the side events at The Championship, including the TryAthlon by Šport24.sk, will be held on June 1st, one day before the main middle distance event.

“Challenge Family is all about the athlete and attracts more and more people to the wonderful sport of triathlon,” said Challenge Family CEO Zibi Szlufcik. “To host this amazing event is one of our main missions. Now athletes of all levels and skills can participate in the short distance TryAthlon by Šport24.sk on Saturday and then watch the big race and the greatest athletes in our sport in The Championship race on Sunday. There’s only one week to go until The Championship and we can’t wait to see this spectacle happen!”

Sebastian Kienle, last year’s runner up in the pro race, commented on the side events at The Championship. He said, “Racing at last year’s event was an unbelievable experience, and the family-friendly side events absolutely contributed to the electric atmosphere throughout. What is fantastic about Challenge Family races is that they take into account not only the pro athletes, but the whole triathlon community, so they can be enjoyed by both the competitors and spectators alike.”

For professional athletes, The Championship 2019 will carry a €150,000 prize purse. A unique professional qualifying system enables professional athletes to qualify for The Championship 2019 via Challenge Family events worldwide.

Age group athletes have the opportunity to qualify with a top six age group finish at any Challenge Family event worldwide during the qualification period. In addition, the top six teams in the male, female and mixed categories in relay events qualify for The Championship at Challenge Family events. Slots roll down in each age group and relay category up to 12th place. There is no roll down system for the pros.

The first qualification race for The Championship was Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand. There were a further 36 other Challenge Family races to qualify before the last opportunity at Challenge Heilbronn in May 2019.

“Sport is part of our life 24/7 and we are happy that we can participate in The Championship event, where we can try to beat our own limits and experience the feeling of the most difficult sport in the world,” said Martina Bagarová, Junior Brand Manager at Sport24.

She continued, “We are pleased that one of the most attractive races among ‘fun triathletes’, TryAthlon, will be named after our sport operation, and we will participate in the most important triathlon event in Slovakia, where triathlon is becoming more and more attractive. It will be a great experience, not only witnessing the best athletes in the world, but also watching all the other triathletes doing their best. We are looking forward to cheering not only the pros, but everybody who is keen on reaching his or her own personal limits.”




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