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SRAM gets power boost with acquisition of PowerTap from Saris


Groupset and accessories specialist SRAM has acquired the PowerTap power meter brand from Saris. The acquisition excludes the CycleOps bike trainer brand and the Saris branded cycle rack product range, which remain with Saris.

The PowerTap product range includes chainrings, pedals, hubs and wheelsets. Key products include: PowerTap P2 Pedals and PowerTap G3 Hubs. SRAM plans to incorporate the PowerTap power meter products into its Quarq product portfolio.

“Way back in 2006 when I started Quarq, PowerTap was the dominant power meter solution,” said Quarq founder Jim Meyer. “The accuracy and durability of PowerTap hubs were the standard of power meter performance and set a high bar for us to meet.

“It’s very exciting to now bring PowerTap products into the SRAM/Quarq product family. The future product opportunities are enormous.”

There are synergies between SRAM’s Quarq power meter brand and the newly acquired PowerTap range. Quark specialises in crank-based power meter solutions; while PowerTap tends to focus on pedal and hub-based power. The combined operation under SRAM’s Quarq business unit is well-placed to maximise economies of scale and ‘tap into’ varying rider preferences.

Saris President and COO, Jeff Frehner said “We are proud of our accomplishments in the power meter sector. We took a product category exclusively available to pros and made it accessible to all athletes looking to reach their highest potential. Today marks the start of a new generation of Saris. While PowerTap is leaving the Saris portfolio, we are excited to grow our product offerings across current and future categories.”



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