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Streamlined device customization via new Garmin Connect IQ app


Garmin has announced the new Connect IQ app. According to the company, this is a new all-in-one store where customers can personalize their compatible Garmin wearable and cycling computers. Via the new Connect IQ platform, athletes can download free apps, widgets, watch faces and data fields ‘that reflect their unique personalities and needs’.

The Connect IQ app is available for download for both Android and Apple.

The app itself shows popular and highly rated Garmin-compatible apps and allows users to search and sort by category. The Connect IQ app lets users browse, configure and manage their Connect IQ apps, and integrates the popular Face-It app which lets users create watch faces using photos from their smartphones.

Downloads are sent wirelessly from the app to the device, ‘making customization a breeze’. This announcement is being made in conjunction with Garmin’s annual Connect IQ Developer Summit, which takes place on April 9-11 at the Garmin headquarters in Olathe, Kansas.

“Connect IQ is ever-expanding in growth and popularity, and we’re excited to streamline the process of how our customers shop, download and manage their content,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales. “Connect IQ lets customers bring personality and customized functionality to their device and the new app makes this easier than ever to do.”



With the new Connect IQ app, there are a range of options that include:

  • Keeping tabs on a driver’s ETA with Uber ETA
  • Turning on the lights at home with the SmartThings app, or
  • Checking the AccuWeather MinuteCast app to find out when the rain is going to start.

The Yelp by Garmin app for Edge bike computers is for the casual cyclist looking for a place to ride for lunch and gives users access to Yelp’s extensive point of interest database with routes to each location. The Trailforks apps allow users to download favourite mountain biking routes and trails to their compatible Edge device.

The free Connect IQ app features simple navigation and search features to help users find the best app for their needs. The redesigned home page highlights the most popular Connect IQ apps and lets customers search by name, browse by category or narrow down by app type, then download wirelessly to the device, without ever having to leave the Connect IQ store.

The Connect IQ app also functions as an easy-to-use platform for turning on and off automatic updates, managing what apps are currently installed, and checking how much storage remains on a device.

Garmin recently launched Connect IQ 3.1, the latest edition of its open platform for third-party developers to create experiences for Garmin wearables, bike computers and outdoor handhelds enabled on over 50 unique Garmin product lines. Since its inception three years ago, there have been over 90 million Connect IQ app downloads to more than 10 million compatible devices that have shipped around the world.



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