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Swiss brand FlussPool offers up counter‐current culture


Innovative Swiss brand, FlussPool, is positioned as a state-of-the-art swimming technology for ‘people committed to a lifestyle in motion’. Founded by Roy Hinen, a 5x Swiss triathlon champion, in 2009, FlussPool provides counter‐current swimming that ‘allows you to recreate the experience of swimming in a river or ocean with current.’

FlussPool claims to offer specific benefits when optimizing swimming technique or training using the ‘endurance method’, which is popular in triathlon.

Roy Hinnen is Swiss triathlon pioneer and triathlon coach. He finished his first IRONMAN in Hawaii 1989; and his personal best time at the iron distance is 8 hrs 35 mins.

In 2017 Hinnen published his first book ‘Total Triathlon’, which collected his experience of 30 years of triathlon in 30 chapters. Total Triathlon is aimed primarily at endurance athletes who have already gathered a few years’ experience and now wish to improve their personal best.



FlussPool is designed as ‘the ultimate swim training tool and forms part of an athlete’s everyday endless swimming training routine.’ FlussPool notes that it’s not only competition level swimmers who can benefit from the swim training tool. It can also help beginners by ‘providing a safe feeling and enables the swimmer to learn correct technique from the start.’

The company notes that triathletes, cyclists and other endurance sport athletes are increasingly making use of its innovative FlussPool. This includers Philipp Koutny, a Swiss professional triathlete who finished 8th at the IRONMAN World Championship in 2019.

FlussPool features:

  • Full cross section water stream (3.5m2 stream area per athlete)
  • Temperature controlled, air bubbles reduced
  • Variable speed up to 1.85m/sec (55sec/100m) according to training program
  • Intended for beginners up to ambitious swimmers and athletes of any level
  • Can be integrated in various indoor and outdoor pool environments




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