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Tackling mental toughness: Rewire Cycling releases brain training system


Co-founders, Sun Sachs and Cody Rotwein are launching a new brain training system called Rewire Cycling. The new offering is billed as the first of its kind… ‘designed to make athletes more mentally tough and less susceptible to mental fatigue’ during competition.’

This patent pending technology allows athletes to combine brain training with traditional workouts while using any indoor bike trainer and power meter. These are combined with proprietary cognitive brain training straps that attach to the handlebars of the bike and wirelessly communicate with the Rewire Cycling app.

Support for other sports, including running, strength training, rowing and select team sports, will be added over time.



Co-founder, Sun Sachs said “We all know that mental toughness contributes to at least 50% of our athletic performance and yet how much time do we dedicate to training the mind each week? With Rewire we’ve broken new ground and created a totally new way to train in sport.”

The Rewire team has been testing the product with elite and professional endurance athletes and coaches for the past eight months.

Ultra endurance athlete, Laura Kline said “If you’re just relying on trying to sharpen your mental game while you’re out training you might not always have the opportunity or you may wear your body down too much. With the app, it’s giving you a controlled environment and structure to add mental training to your workouts.”



Professional triathlete, Rebeccah Wassner of New York, added, “As a triathlete so much of our races come down to mental toughness. Your training can go perfectly, but on race day there are endless variables – weather, mechanicals, nutrition issues, etc. Using Rewire is the best way to prepare for the mental toughness it takes to get through these issues.”

The Rewire product is based on a neuropsychological testing protocol called inhibitory control testing. Rewire notes that this is supported by over 10 years of science, which has shown in peer reviewed studies and fMRI (functional MRI) scans to activate the part of the brain responsible for impulse control, managing emotions toward achieving goals and regulating the perception of effort during exercise.



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