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Tailwind Nutrition’s Rebuild Recovery now available in Canada


Colorado-based sports drink manufacturer, Tailwind Nutrition, has announced that its recovery drink mix, Rebuild Recovery, will be available in Canada through Podium Imports. Last spring, Podium Imports became the exclusive distributor of Tailwind Nutrition’s popular Endurance Fuel in the region.

“We’ve seen an overwhelming response to the release of Rebuild in the States since its launch in April 2018,” said Tailwind Nutrition co-founder Jenny Vierling. “Our loyal Canadian Endurance Fuel customers have been eagerly awaiting this new complete protein, vegan recovery drink mix to become available in their country.”

Developed using a ‘patent-pending mathematical model to build a complete protein in an efficient manner’, Rebuild combines an organic rice and coconut milk-based formula with a combination of essential building blocks (carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes, and protein). The company adds that these replace depleted glycogen stores, rebuild broken down muscle fibres and mitochondrial protein, and restore hydration and electrolytes.

Rebuild is claimed to provide a highly efficient complete protein, ‘which means that more protein goes directly toward recovery – nearly 2x as much as chocolate milk and 3x as much as many other recovery drinks for the same serving size.’

Rebuild is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free and contains slow and fast-burning carbohydrates, healthy fats from coconut milk and a mix of electrolytes to WHO rehydration standards. The powder mixes with water for a drink that is designed to be consumed in the all-important 30-60 minute metabolic window after endurance exercise.

“The addition of Tailwind Rebuild is going to round out our distribution line-up,” Podium Imports owner Brian McCoy said. “We have seen incredible success with Tailwind’s Endurance Fuel since we introduced it in Canada, and our customers have been requesting Tailwind Rebuild since its US release last spring. We are thrilled to finally have it available to meet their demand.”

Tailwind’s Rebuild is now available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavours in both sachets and 15-serving bags to the Canadian market. Canadian dealers interested in ordering can contact Podium Imports at 250-493-1144 or sales[at]podiumimports.ca.



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