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‘The Projects That Made Us’ from Drag2Zero begins with Giant Trinity


Aerodynamics specialist Drag2Zero has kick-started the first of a new content series – The Projects That Made Us. The first instalment recalls the design of the Giant Trinity TT bike, which debuted in 2008 with instant and emphatic success, including six National TT Championships and a Tour de France TT win.

While the bike went on to be a hit in both racing and sales terms, Drag2Zero notes that it nearly didn’t happen. The company’s content feature reveals the backstory of the Trinity and its origins in the dissatisfaction of the T-Mobile Team with their 2007 bikes.

“The Trinity was a really intense project that came very soon after we founded Drag2Zero,” said company founder Simon Smart. “We had very little time or budget, and we were learning on the job how to test bikes in a wind tunnel. But it was an exciting period and it produced a genuinely game-changing bike. It was very enjoyable to look back at the project.”

The full story behind Drag2Zero’s collaboration can be found online.

Drag2Zero (D2Z) was founded in 2007 by ex-F1 aerodynamicist Simon Smart. The company’s goal was to introduce cycling and triathlon to a new level of aerodynamic refinement.

‘D2Z uses wind tunnels and CFD combined with decades of experience to optimise rider positions, bike set-up and product design for many of the world’s leading athletes, teams and brands, plus hundreds of amateurs, with fantastic success, including Grand Tour titles and World Championships.’

D2Z adds that its ‘development partnerships with Giant, Endura, ENVE and Scott have created world-beating products.’



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