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The Sufferfest adds in-app training plan functionality


The Sufferfest, a comprehensive training platform for cyclists and triathletes, has announced the release of in-app training plan functionality. According to the company, this allows athletes to select, modify, and manage their entire library of 100+ training plans directly in The Sufferfest app.

The new in-app training plans are available for a range of disciplines, including road, triathlon, gravel, cyclocross, xc mountain biking, and eSports racing. Athletes can tailor the volume of the plan to match how much time they have to train per week and then add optional strength training, yoga for cyclists, and mental toughness components with the click of a button. Plans are personalized to each athlete’s Four-Dimensional Power (4DP) profile to ‘provide maximum benefit with minimum time’.

The integrated calendar function allows athletes to see their training schedule at a glance, view the details of specific sessions, and launch scheduled activities directly from the calendar. Color-coded activity blocks indicate whether an activity is planned, unplanned, or completed, making it easier for athletes to stay on track.

The Sufferfest 4DP platform gives athletes and coaches the ability to adjust the intensity of neuromuscular power, anaerobic capacity, maximal aerobic power, and functional threshold power targets independently to create new fitness outcomes. Workouts that are designed to be completed at modified intensities will launch in the workout player with the adjustments already made to ensure athletes get the intended training stimulus.

“The Sufferfest is the only training app that integrates structured cycling, yoga, strength training and mental training in one easy-to-follow plan,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “The coaches at the SUF Sports Science Division have designed our training plans so that all of these elements fit seamlessly together so athletes get the most out of the time they have to train.

“Adding in-app training plan functionality makes it even easier for athletes to get the benefits of the most sophisticated training plans available.”

The entire library of 100+ in-app training plans is included with every subscription to The Sufferfest app for iOS, macOS, and Windows. Subscriptions are US$12.99 a month or US$99 a year.




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