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Sufferfest training plans for virtual bike racing and eSports


The Sufferfest, a leading training app for cyclists and triathletes, has today announced the release of a suite of training plans designed specifically for the demands of virtual bike racing and eSports.

The eSports training plans add to The Sufferfest’s library of over 100 plans for cycling and triathlon, which are available with a subscription to The Sufferfest app for iOS, macOS and Windows.

“The demands of virtual racing are very different from those of real-world disciplines. If you want to be successful in cycling eSports, you need to train differently,” said Mac Cassin, Chief Cycling Physiologist with The Sufferfest Sports Science Division.

“Plans designed for road-racing events just aren’t as effective in preparing athletes for the multiple surges and sustained efforts that characterize racing in virtual worlds.”

The Sufferfest collection of 12-week plans are billed as the world’s first eSports-specific training plans. They include plans designed to prepare athletes for a variety of event durations, including sub-20 minute races, events lasting 20-50 minutes and races an hour or longer.

“Designed for time-crunched athletes, the plans require an average of just five-and-a-half hours a week on the bike and give you the option to substitute the occasional workout for online races,” continued Mac Cassin. “That means you can still ride online with your friends while getting the benefits of a structured training plan designed specifically for cycling eSports.”

David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest added “The Sufferfest is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals, whether they’re competing on the road, on the dirt, or online. While virtual worlds are great for racing, nothing beats the sports science and structured training that The Sufferfest provides.

“Together with our 4DP-based workouts – as well as our optional Yoga, Strength Training and Mental Toughness programmes – these new plans will get any athlete into the best shape possible for virtual racing.”



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