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Theragun ties up with IRONMAN US Series and pro athlete Lucy Charles-Barclay


Theragun, a specialist in percussive massage therapy, has unveiled a collaboration with IRONMAN. The tie up, which makes Theragun the official percussive therapy device of the IRONMAN US Series, covers 2019 IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events.

Coupled with onsite brand education opportunities at races, the massage theraphy brand will host key activation and recovery stations at IRONMAN race transition stations. The aim is to alleviate muscle cramps and stimulate muscle recovery to enhance athlete performance. This will culiminate with activation at the 2019 IRONMAN World Championship, which will take place in Kona, Hawaii, on Saturday, October 12, 2019.

Also working with Theragun is British pro triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay – a two-time runner-up at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona.

She said, “During my years as a swimmer or now as a professional triathlete, some of my key learnings for success have been about preparing and recovering the body for what I put it through.

“Using Theragun for some time now has helped me to be the best I can be in terms of both training and racing. I use it at home and when traveling as an essential part of my preparation, recovery and ongoing maintenance. Whether it’s loosening up my arms and legs before and after I ride or swim – or keeping joint pain at bay after a long run, my Theragun has proven to be convenient, easy to use and most importantly effective; it gets me results.”

As a Theragun brand ambassador, Charles-Barclay joins a suite of professional athletes that tout the performance and recovery benefits Theragun offers. Other ambassadors include: CrossFit champion Mat Fraser, IRONMAN Champion Ben Hoffman, and NBA Lakers trainer Gunnar Peterson, among others.

“We are very excited to be the official Percussive Therapy partner of IRONMAN as well as having a world-class triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay as a Theragun athlete,” said Theragun founder, Dr Jason Wersland. “Theragun is quickly becoming a staple for endurance athletes around the world. They turn to the Theragun to warm-up, stay loose and recover – it’s an essential part of their training and race day routine.

“We support our triathletes by continually educating that community on how to use the Theragun to prevent injury, maximize endurance, and recover faster and more efficiently.”

Theragun was originally founded by chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland in 2008 and was officially launched in 2016. The brand’s flagship device is the G3PRO, and this is accompanied by the newly launched G3 and ‘liv’ devices.



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