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THM introduces Mandibula ‘comfort seat post unlike any other’

After the introduction of the lightweight Ulna drop bar and Tibia stem, THM has now introduced the Mandibula seat post. The accessories specialist notes that ‘lightness does not come at the expense of strength & durability… THM components never chase weight without also making sure they are superbly engineered, making them suitable for rider weights well over 100kg (220lb).’

The Mandibula offers another twist as it features a comfort zone. THM adds that comfort seat posts tend to suffer from the same problem: the further they stick out of the frame, the more flexible they get. This is not ideal, as taller (and heavier) riders should not have a more flexible seat post.

The Mandibula aims to solve this issue by dividing the post into two zones: a comfort zone and a power zone. The latter is a stiff and light structure that ‘hardly flexes regardless of how much [it] sticks out of the frame.’ THM adds that the comfort zone ‘provides exactly what you would expect, the right level of comfort without getting bouncy.’

Thanks to THM’s lay-up, the saddle stays horizontal through the flex path, unlike conventional comfort seatposts, while its compact design means it also works on small frames and frames with a horizontal toptube that do not expose a lot of seatpost length. The proprietary carbon lay-up also dampens vibrations to avoid any oscillation while riding at higher cadence or on rough roads and cobblestones. This reduces fatigue and allows the rider to ride longer and with more comfort.

Thanks to this lay-up, THM’s 100%-made-in-Germany carbon manufacturing process and structural details such as the rail clamp mechanism, the overall weight of the Mandibula comfort seat post is even lower than most seat posts without comfort features. At 150g for a rider weight up to 110kg, the company notes that ‘it may well be our most impressive piece of engineering’.




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