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Tokyo 2020 releases latest Odaiba Marine Park water test results


The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) has announced the results of the water quality and temperature surveys from July/August this year. The tests were conducted at Odaiba Marine Park, the venue for the Tokyo 2020 marathon swimming and triathlon events.

The test results revealed that, with the exception of one day during the 12-day period of the test events (from August 7-18), the use of underwater screens reduced the quantity of coliform bacteria inside the screened areas. This was within the limits stipulated by the relevant international federations.

However, the organising committee noted that levels outside the screened area did exceed the targeted levels on four of the days owing to heavy rainfall.

The levels of enterococci bacteria within the screened area were also within agreed limits. Tokyo 2020 plans to deploy triple-layer underwater screens during the Tokyo 2020 Games. This aims to provide ‘even better conditions than those resulting from the single screens used in the latest survey.’

The surveys were once again conducted on days that corresponded to the scheduled dates of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. During those periods there were no instances where the maximum water temperature of 31.0C was exceeded in any of the measured areas. The maximum temperature recorded was 30.8C, and the water temperature inside the screens was on average approximately 0.8C higher than the temperature outside.

Based on the results of these latest surveys, Tokyo 2020 will ‘continue to make all possible efforts in their preparations to ensure that all athletes can perform at their best.’




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