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Tour de France edition of LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic pedal


LOOK has announced the ‘official pedal of the Tour de France’ with a new limited edition version of the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic, which features a titanium axle and special design paying tribute to the race.

The new pedal breaks cover ahead of the Criterium du Dauphine, the traditional week-long warm-up race for the French Grand Tour, with key riders set to receive their pedals in the week leading up to the Grand Boucle.

The limited-edition pedal is designed around the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic, which launched at Paris-Nice this year. By incorporating a titanium axle, LOOK has shaved 15g off the standard chromoly axle pedal to hit a weight of 95g.

In 2019, nine teams will compete in the Tour de France with LOOK pedals.

Complete with a special yellow Tour de France-inspired design, the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti TDF is limited to 1,700 units worldwide, and will cost RRP €290.90. A standard Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti model will be available later in the year.

The benefits of ceramic bearings in cycling are well documented, with reduced friction and product reliability both key benefits.

In the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti TDF, rigorous testing delivers a claimed 18% reduction in friction on the bearing itself compared to standard steel bearings; while the harder, non-corrosive properties of ceramic ‘improves bearing life by up to 4-6 times’.

The hand-made bearings are protected by LOOK’s double-sealed spindle construction, which ensures IPX7 full submersion and IPX6 water jet waterproofness while also keeping out grit and dirt from the ceramic internals.

Meanwhile, LOOK’s unique Blade technology helps to ensure a secure retention between the Keo cleat and pedal, plus smooth airflow under the pedal body, with two TDF-edition carbon blades providing 12 and 16Nm tension included.

Additionally, the Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti TDF also ‘boasts the best power transfer-to-weight ratio in the market’ thanks to the 15g reduction in weight while retaining a surface area of 700mm2. The moulded plate design maximises the key power transfer zones in the pedal stroke. At the same time, a low 14.8mm stack height (pedal and cleat) results in a direct connection between the pedal body and the rider.

Alexandre Lavaud, LOOK Cycle Pedal Product Manager, said “LOOK are incredibly proud of our heritage, and we are delighted to be able to celebrate our mutual history with the Tour de France with this limited edition pedal.

“The Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic Ti TDF is a celebration of shared memories and current presence in the Tour with nine teams, but it also demonstrates our ambition and determination to always improve our products and offer the cyclists the very best equipment for them to achieve their riding goals.

“This new pedal incorporates a titanium axle within its construction, reducing weight by 15g compared to the recently-launched Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic, which itself set new standards in the road pedal sector. It takes pride of place at the top of the LOOK road pedal range.”



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