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Two pumps in one: Syncros Vernon 2.0 Dual Mode Pump


For 2019 Syncros is introducing the Vernon 2.0 Dual Mode Floor Pump – billed as the first pump offering function and accuracy at low and high pressures.

SCOTT Sports owned Syncros notes that exact tyre pressure is becoming more and more critical for riders – be it road, MTB or gravel… ‘At Syncros we’ve realised this with a ground-breaking floor pump which is actually two pumps in one – a high pressure road pump and a high volume mountain bike pump – perfect for riders with multiple bikes.’

The Vernon 2.0 Dual Mode Pump enables the two-pumps in one feature by using two air chambers. Users can switch modes by flipping the pump gauge between the Road Gauge and MTB Gauge.



In Road mode the pump is optimized to deliver a high pressure with a gauge calibrated to show up to 160 PSI / 11 BAR. Syncros notes that a larger volume under pressure is harder to pump therefore it uses a single chamber to deliver a smaller volume but achieve the higher pressures that road riders require. The delivery per stroke is 327cc.

In MTB mode the second air chamber is engaged to deliver air at a high volume, 799cc per stroke, more than double the air delivery from the single chamber. MTB and larger capacity gravel tyres require a large amount of air but at a low pressure. In addition, tubeless tyres require a high volume delivery in order to achieve a seal. Flipping the gauge reveals the MTB gauge with a scale that goes up to 40 PSI / 2.8 BAR gauge allowing for accurate pressures preferred by mountain bikers.

The gauge is positioned at the top of the body to allow for easy reading by the user. The handle is ergonomic to allow for easy pumping. The pump has a steel barrel and base and composite handle.



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