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Vejo named Official Mobile Blender and Nutrition Partner of Spartan


Spartan, billed as the world’s largest obstacle course race (OCR) and endurance brand, has named Vejo, the Official Mobile Blender and Nutrition Partner of Spartan. This partnership encompasses a Spartan co-branded Starter Kit from Vejo as well as onsite branding and activations, ‘bringing together two brands dedicated to performance and living a healthy lifestyle.’

Racers and spectators can expect to see Vejo featured throughout Spartan race events in the US, Germany and Austria. On-site activations will feature the Vejo Airstream, where participants and fans can try multiple Vejo blends, put them to the test on the course, and see the company’s flagship pod-based smart blender in action.

“We’re excited to partner with Vejo, an innovative nutrition and wellness company that shares our values for healthy, optimized Spartan living,” said Ian Lawson, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Spartan. “We look forward to working with Vejo to provide their ground-breaking customized Vejo and Vejo Plus plans to our global fitness community.”

Also part of the partnership activation, Vejo’s in-house doctors and nutritionists will create an exclusive Spartan Starter Kit with custom Spartan Lifestyle Pods and Spartan Performance Pods, which racers and spectators in the US, Germany, and Austria can purchase onsite or online. Vejo’s blends contain a mix of fruits, vegetables, superfoods and supplements to maximize nutritional value, taste, and performance.

“Spartan’s health-conscious community is always training for the next race and looking for the on-the-go, peak performance solutions that Vejo can provide,” said Todd Montesano, Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Entertainment at Vejo. “With a variety of blends and more in development, Vejo can help racers get through the obstacles of their day, whether on or off the course.”




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