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Video series: Garneau presents Role Models

In the Garneau Role Models series, the Canadian-based apparel and accessories brand takes a look into ‘the stories of those who inspire us to live and breathe the cycling lifestyle, yet give back to the cycling culture through their own everyday actions.’

Starting from Monday January 21 Garneau is dropping the latest, and third, episode in its Role Models series… ‘Roadtrippin’ in Northern California with the Fields’.

In the third installation of Role Models, a father and son embark on a road trip through Northern California where they learn new things about themselves and each other. Garneau adds that ‘It’s not always about the things you say as much as it is the things you see. Trips like these are as much about biking as they are about being together and being friends for the first time.’



Episode 2 – Sabra Davison
Executive Director and Founder of Little Bellas, has been inspiring girls to get on bikes for over a decade. This episode showcases how her passion comes alive at camps across the United States.

Episode 1 – Lyne Bessette
In episode 1 of 4, Garneau caught up with Lyne Bessette. Lyne has made her mark on the cycling world as a two-time Olympian and one of the top female cyclists of all time, yet one of her greatest contributions is her annual 100b7 gravel road ride. The proceeds from the 100b7 ride provides financial support to one ‘butterfly’ each year, by celebrating that person’s journey through their own trials and tribulation.

Founded in 1983, the Louis Garneau Group has its head office in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec, Canada, and employs over 450 people. The company also operates a distribution centre in Derby, Vermont, since 1987; a factory in Mexico started 10 years ago, as well as a procurement and sourcing office in China. Garneau products are sold in over 50 countries.




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