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Virtual world expansion as Zwift adds Titans Grove to Watopia

Zwift, the global online training and racing platform for athletes, has today ‘completed construction on Watopia’s latest stretch of fresh tarmac.’ The new roads of Titans Grove draw inspiration from the High Sierras, home to the world-famous Sequoia National Park.

Sitting adjacent to the Fuego Flats in Zwift’s Watopia course, the mammoth-sized boulders and giant sequoias ‘cast a most welcome shadow for those arriving fresh from a trip through the desert.’

The new section of road snakes its way through the undulating forest and features three gradual climbs. With a maximum gradient of 5%, Zwift notes that these are climbs that will provide enough of a challenge to get the legs stinging, but still gentle enough that Zwifters can still sit back and enjoy the scenery. Each lap features 520ft / 158m of elevation gain.

“I think this may be the most beautiful part of Watopia,” said Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “Since we left Jarvis Island, we have been keen to bring back a forest, so in some ways Titans Grove feels like being back home. I’m not normally one for pausing on a workout, but this area rewards the eyes as much as the legs. I think our community will love exploring and seeing what creatures they can spot along the way.”



New Titans Grove routes

Sand and Sequoias – Tour the scorched desert and the forest in one loop
20 km // 12.5 mi
173m // 567.5

Quatch Quest – Take on the Titans Grove and ascend Alpe du Zwift
46 km // 28.6 mi
1708 m // 5600 ft

Muir and the Mountain – ‘The mountains are calling, and you must go’
34.5 km // 21.4
792 m // 2600 ft

Dust in the Wind – Travel through Watopia’s two forests on this route
54.6 km // 34 mi
585 m // 1920 ft

Big Foot Hills – A journey across the lower peaks of Watopia
67.5 km // 42 mi
706 m // 2316 ft




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