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Zoggs makes ‘significant changes to help environment’


It’s estimated that a shocking 1.4 billion pounds of rubbish enters the oceans every year. With a new drive to focus on the environment, Zoggs notes that ‘Pollution caused by plastic, microbeads and fishing nets is harming whales, sea turtles, dolphins and other marine life.’

In a release, the company added… ‘At Zoggs, we’re passionate about the oceans and what changes we can make to protect our world for the future. We firmly believe our planet cannot wait and we need to take action now.’

Swimwear made from recycled materials
From January 2019, 40% of Zoggs swimwear will be in its Ecolast fabric which is primarily made from ocean debris. Abandoned ghost fishing nets, carpet and industrial waste are rescued from the oceans and landfill, through the ‘Healthy Seas – A Journey From Waste To Wear’ initiative and the ECONYL Reclaiming Program.

Made using 78% ECONYL regenerated yarn and 22% LYCRA XTRA LIFE, Zoggs adds that its Ecolast fabric is soft, comfortable and 15 times more resilient to chlorine than standard swimwear fabrics. By 2020, the company’s aim is for 75% of its UK swimwear to be made using recycled materials (60% globally).



Supporting ocean preservation
Healthy Seas is a not-for-profit initiative with a mission to protect the oceans and marine life. Working with divers, schools, NGOs and governments, Healthy Seas is responsible for the retrieval of ghost fishing nets and raising awareness of the environmental damage these nets cause.

Healthy Seas collects abandoned fishing nets that are transformed by Aquafil into ECONYL yarn, a high quality regenerated nylon used to create sustainable products.

Zoggs is donating 10% of its Ecolast swimwear profits to the ‘Healthy Seas – A Journey From Waste To Wear ‘ initiative. It will also be joining the organisation on other projects such as beach clean-ups, conservation events and even joining a ghost net removal dive.

Producing greener packaging
All new Zoggs goggle products (produced from January 2019) will be sold in its new Trap Blister or Cardboard Window Box style packaging. This will reduce the plastic used in goggle packaging by 57%. In addition, 80% of all packaging will include disposal or recovery labels.

With plastic bags, the largest proportion of single-use plastics, Zoggs is introducing new oxy biodegradable plastic bags to protect its swimwear. These new eco-bags degrade in the presence of oxygen, helping to reduce landfill volume.

Zoggs is also transitioning to eco-friendly hangers (fully in place for the second half of 2019) which are made from recycled post-consumer plastic waste like flower pots, toys and seeding containers. By 2020, Zoggs’ aim is for 100% of its packaging to be made using recycled, recyclable or degradable materials.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can to help the environment,” said Mark Hammersley, CEO at Zoggs International. “By 2020, our mission is to have 100% sustainable packaging and 60% of our swimwear made from recycled materials.”



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