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Zone3 is official partner of IRONMAN Poland Tour

Enea Ironman 5150 Warsaw, 10.06.2018. Warszawa, fot. Piotr Koperski

UK-based apparel and wetsuit firm Zone3 has become the Official Swimming Partner of the IRONMAN Poland Tour. The agreement runs for a period of three years until 2021.

The cooperation agreement between the organizer of IRONMAN competitions in Poland and Zone3 includes IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw and Enea IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia. ‘In the future, it is to be extended also to the IRONMAN Poland competition.’

“We are happy that Zone3 decided to make a long-term contract with us,” said Michał Drelich, Director of the IRONMAN Poland Tour. “This cooperation brings many new, interesting initiatives for triathletes.”

He continued, “In the coming weeks a Zone3 wetsuit rental shop will be launched on the websites www.ironmangdynia.pl and www.5150warsaw.com. In March and April, Zone3 wetsuit tests will be rolled out nationwide for local athletes. Together, we are also planning a series of training sessions in open water ‘Zone3 Open Water’, which will take place before our competitions in Warsaw and Gdynia.”

“In Poland, a great admirer of Zone3 products is the Olympian Agnieszka Jerzyk, who swims in a Vanquish wetsuit,” said Piotr Myślak from Triathlonista.com, which is the exclusive distributor of the Zone3 brand in Poland.

Myślak continued, “Professional triathlon group GVT BMC Triathlon Team also uses Zone3 products. Therefore, it is not only professional athletes such as Maciej Chmura, Paulina Kotfica or Mateusz Kaźmierczak who have become convinced about Zone3 apparel, but also amateurs, thanks to whom I see the accessories with the Zone3 logo more often in the country.”



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