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Zwift’s Watopia gets ‘Fuego Flats’ desert expansion

Zwift, the global online training and racing platform for cyclists, has opened the roads to the latest expansion on its Watopia virtual world. One year on from the launch of Alpe Du Zwift, Watopia’s latest expansion is the first course focused on flat roads, the Fuego Flats.

A release from Zwift noted… ‘Much in the same way Zwifters called for an alpine climb like Alpe Du Zwift, flat roads are something that many have been keen to see added to the island of Watopia. Fuego Flats delivers on this request with 20km of paved road, open to all levels of Zwifters.’

“As a New Yorker, I personally love to ride the rolling New York (Central Park) course – it brings back great memories for me,” said Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. “However, it’s not an easy course unless you really know how and where to make your efforts.

“Sometimes, we all just like to have some fun on the flats, and I know a lot of Zwifters out there will enjoy the new Fuego Flats – myself included. Not only is it something for the sprinters, but it also opens up whole new possibilities to cater for our triathlon and time trial audiences.”

The main route has just a few mild gradient changes, making it equally ideal for an easy ride or all-out effort. Tracking at 10km out and 10km back, a roundabout at the road’s end lets riders see the desert from all sides or exit the desert near the base of Watopia’s Epic KOM climb.

Flat roads also mean fast roads. Riders can test themselves on two new segments in the Fuego Flats – a 500m sprint and a 7km long effort – and aim to place on the leaderboard. Indeed, Watopia’s latest expansion is positioned as the perfect playground for both time trialling and FTP testing. To showcase the new route, Zwift has an upcoming inaugural TT race in the pipeline.

Fuego Flats is an area packed full of scenery that takes inspiration from the surrounding areas of Zwift’s HQ in Long Beach, California. Zwift’s desert area draws influence not only from Death Valley, a place where Zwift Co-Founder Jon Mayfield has spent some time riding double centuries, but many of America’s deserts. Zwift users might recognize parts of Moab, the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, Mesa Verde cliff dwellings in Colorado, and the annual California Super Bloom.

It’s not all barren and dusty out there though. The Fuego Flats will also take Zwifters on a journey through time. Riders can head out and get a flavour for the Wild West – ‘keep an eye out for Watopia’s oldest (and only) saloon… Move forward through time and you will find a Palm Springs-style resort, rich with the mid-century modern architecture that embodied the Space Age.’

Four new routes will be available for Zwifters to try:

Tempus Fugit: 18.9km/11.7 miles, 99 feet
Tick Tock: 16.9km/10.5 miles, 174 feet
The Über Pretzel: 128.6km/79.7 miles, 7823 feet
Out And Back Again: 39.8km/24.7 miles, 1076 feet




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