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Instabeat enters the water with real-time swim feedback


Instabeat has unveiled its new product – a swim trainer with real-time heart rate feedback, automatic stroke recognition, lap detection and detailed analytics to ‘elevate performance and motivation in the water.’

In a release, the company noted that development of the new product included over 250 swimmers and triathletes including Olympic swimmer Sabine Hazboun and former IRONMAN World Champion Leanda Cave. Instabeat has raised a total of US$6m in funding and has worked with Jawbone co-founder Alexander Asseily on new product development.

“This is the most complex product I’ve ever worked on,” said Alexander Asseily “Its ability to fit on most goggles and faces while being accurate and waterproof was a vectorial challenge. [Company founder] Hind Hobeika’s unmatched passion for swimming and perseverance has brought this product to life.”

Instabeat has spent a total of eight years of R&D between Lebanon, China and the US to bring its product to market.

Founded by swimmer and engineer Hind Hobeika, Instabeat was established in Beirut, Lebanon, in 2011 and is now based in San Francisco, California. Instabeat raised a total of US$6m in funding from Berytech Fund, Wamda Capital, Jabbar Capital, and angel investors.

“We chose to show in real-time the most critical metric that swimmers cannot get from a clock or their coach – the body’s real-time response to training,” said Hind Hobeika, Instabeat’s founder and CEO.

“We will be adding other real-time features available through a firmware upgrade in the months after launch.”

Instabeat’s app shows a detailed heart rate curve, pace per 100m, lap time, total distance, active vs rest time, and the swimming stroke for each lap – which is automatically detected. Instabeat is also introducing a new proprietary metric called BEATS, which measures a workout’s total effort, independent of time or distance, and can be used as a baseline to compare workouts.

Instabeat is available on the company’s website for US$249. The Instabeat App is available as a free download from the App Store with an Android app coming soon.



Paul Laursen, Performance Physiologist for New Zealand’s high performance sport system commented, “How do good swimmers train from a metabolic or cardiovascular standpoint? The answer is, we don’t precisely know how to train good swimmers from a metabolic or cardiovascular standpoint. We know how runners, cyclists and rowers train, because we have chest-strap heart rate monitors, GPS devices and power meters. Enter the void that Instabeat will fill.”

Instabeat adds that real-time heart rate knowledge allows swimmers to pace themselves in long distance sets, and optimize recovery in shorter sprint sets for more efficient training. Staying in the correct zone without overtraining is made easier with Instabeat’s heart rate light that appears in-sight on the lower right bottom corner of the goggle-lens.

Masters Coach and former competitive swimmer Kristen Larsen said “Instabeat is a huge win for pushing swimmers in the pool to achieve fitness and performance goals and monitor improvements to understand when more rest is needed or when an individual can do more to get their desired results.”

Mounted on most swim goggles, Instabeat claims that swimmers attest to the comfort and accuracy of the product design.



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