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Shine on with Wolf Tooth nickel-plated components


Bike accessories specialist Wolf Tooth has released a range of nickel-plated offerings to give a touch of bling to those riders seeking it.

The company noted… ‘At Wolf Tooth, we believe that you should be able to customize your bike – to make it unique, and to make it yours. Whether that customization is based on performance by converting from 2x to 1x, or based on utility by moving beyond restrictions of stock bottle cage mounts for on-bike storage options, or based on aesthetics by changing accent colours… It’s your bike and you should be able to personalize it.’

With the addition of nickel-plated components, riders now have another option for changing the look of their bike. These new components include multiple sizes of headsets (EC, IS, ZS); seatpost clamps; stem caps; spacers; and chainring bolts.

This is in addition to Wolf Tooth’s eight existing anodized colour options. The company added… ‘We didn’t make as many nickel-plated components as we typically do for our anodized color options and we likely won’t make more after this inventory sells through, thus the limited-edition label.’

Line-up of new nickel-plated offerings:

  • EC34/28.6 Upper Headset 25mm Stack
  • EC34/28.6 Upper Headset 16mm Stack
  • EC44/40 Lower Headset
  • EC49/40 Lower Headset
  • IS41/28.6 Upper Headset 25mm Stack
  • IS41/28.6 Upper Headset 15mm Stack
  • IS41/28.6 Upper Headset 7mm Stack
  • ZS44/28.6 Upper Headset 25mm Stack
  • ZS44/28.6 Upper Headset 15mm Stack
  • ZS44/28.6 Upper Headset 6mm Stack
  • ZS56/40 Lower Headset
  • Set of 4 Chainring Bolts+Nuts for 1x
  • Set of 5 Chainring Bolts+Nuts for 1x
  • Anodized Bling Kit (Stem Cap with Integrated 5mm Spacer; four bottle cage bolts; 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm Spacers)
  • Seatpost Clamp 36.4mm
  • Seatpost Clamp 34.9mm
  • Seatpost Clamp 31.8mm
  • Seatpost Clamp 29.8mm
  • Headset Spacer 15mm
  • Headset Spacer 10mm
  • Headset Spacer 5mm
  • Headset Spacer 3mm
  • Headset Spacer Kit (3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm spacers included)
  • Ultralight Stem Cap with Integrated 5mm Spacer
  • Ultralight Stem Cap




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