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Vivo Life offers up eco alternative for Black Friday


Award-winning vegan supplements company, Vivo Life, is going green on Black Friday (November 29th) to ‘emphasise its commitment to people and the planet.’

Vivo Life states that it has ripped up the Black Friday rulebook and created its own celebration, Green Friday, ‘to give back to our planet when it needs us the most.’ Vivo Life will plant ten trees for every order, donate 10% of all sales to the environmental charities Cool Earth and Amazon Watch, and deliver every order via certified Carbon Neutral delivery.

To mark this event and raise awareness online, Vivo and its brand ambassadors will be going green on Instagram. It will also have a dedicated Instagram story filter that followers can use to help spread the message. Through this campaign, the brand hopes to ‘encourage people to be more mindful of the way they consume and eventually see an end to holidays like Black Friday altogether.’

The brand will be offering small discounts to customers… ‘but as Green Friday isn’t about making a profit, the money generated from these sales will be put back into developing and expanding Vivo Life’s sustainability initiatives in order to give back to customers, and the planet.’

Vivo Life’s Co-Founder Josh Bolding said “On a planet that is in crisis, the glorification of consumer-driven holidays like Black Friday needs to stop if we are to have any hope of turning things around.

“The money from previous anti-Black Friday campaigns has allowed us to push more funding into our sustainability initiatives, such as our new home compostable packaging, and allow us to be as eco-friendly as possible. We’re using this day to give back to our customers and to our planet. We hope that by doing so we will eventually encourage other businesses to do the same, and drive forward a future where Green Friday becomes much bigger than us alone.”




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