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RunThrough shifts to virtual model in the UK


With schools, public transport and venues being closed down across the UK, event organiser RunThrough has shifted to a virtual run model.

As its real-world events are now cancelled, RunThrough invites runners to ‘run your chosen distance anywhere, at any time and send us your recorded run so we can send you your well-earned medal.’

RunThrough Events, founded by two ex-international runners, hosts over 150 races across the UK all year around ‘for thousands of runners of all abilities, and have built a running community like no other.’

Lucy Harfield, RunThrough’s Head Of Communications said “RunThrough’s vision has always been to improve mental and physical health through running. Due to Covid-19 we are in the short term not able to do this in person at our events, so we are putting our resources and time behind getting people out the door for a run alone keep them healthy and positive during a difficult time.”

Within a day of the launch, RunThrough reported that over 1000 runners signed up; and at the time of writing a reported 3000 have registered to take part. It is leveraging its online community via its main Facebook Group, RunThrough UK Chat, and adds that it is ‘creating a platform for thousands of runners to share their own experiences, gain inspiration from others and spread the positivity wherever they are in the world.’

RunThrough notes that it has made a custom leaderboard where athletes can upload their Strava link and time, ‘which is updated and monitored continuously to keep people [updated] in real time to see where they stand against their fellow runners.’

The organiser has also teamed up with KIND Bars UK and ‘lots of other snack brands to give value for money… Every runner will be sent a goodie pack along with one of their famously unique medals, often featuring various landmarks around the UK after sending through their evidence.’

RunThrough adds that it is continuing to work closely with its partner Run For Charity, which is building free promotional pages for its charities to allow them to recruit fundraisers to take part. Run for Charity is working to engage its full 500 charity strong membership to get involved.




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