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AIR:RUN collaboration with Eastnine


The organisers of AIR:RUN (and Richmond RUNFEST) have announced their collaboration with coaching audio training app, Eastnine. This enables runners to use a ‘brand new audio running concept’ when racing.

AIR:RUN is a 10k and half marathon taking place on 31st May on fully closed roads inside Richmond Park, London. AIR stands for Audio Inspired Running. The organisers add that ‘What makes AIR:RUN different to most other races is that, unlike other races, they have chosen to ‘beat the ban’ and actually allow headphones to be worn in the race for those that enjoy running to music.’

Eastnine is an app that enables users to run whilst listening to their own music playlist, and receive expert audio coaching at the same time.

Runners can train for the event using Eastnine’s audio coaching service. This will give them access to top quality coaches as well as training plans covering everything from a 5k to half marathon. Participants of AIR:RUN will be given exclusive access to Eastnine so they can train in the build-up to the event and ‘have a coach in their ear on the day, helping get them to their goal.’

The Eastnine activation and offering at AIR:RUN includes:

  • Technical information about the course as you go
  • Enlighten you with interesting facts about Richmond Park
  • Provide you with encouragement to keep you going and motivate you throughout your race
  • On top of all of the above, you can choose your own unique music playlist to listen to, bringing you entertainment in order to help you achieve your goal.

“This will be the first event in the world to use this exciting audio running concept,” said Tom Bedford, Race Director. “We are about to announce another collaboration with music experts to help our runners perform at their best in their training and on race day. If our runners don’t use headphones then it’s not a problem. Runners do not have to use them and the event will soon be announcing our course entertainment regarding music which moves with the runners.”

Eastnine Co-founder Jason Goodman said “Running is a hard habit to make, and can feel inherently solitary. Our app combines the expertise from truly knowledgeable coaches with entertainment and encouragement that actually inspires you to run more and run better.

“Having an Eastnine coach in your ear makes every step more purposeful and more enjoyable, so you actually achieve your goals. We look forward to working with AIR and are excited to welcome even more runners to the Eastnine community.”




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