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Auro is latest to offer in-ear motivation for workouts


London based fitness technology startup Auro has developed a new motivational audio fitness app which provides hundreds of workouts, personalised for the user. These recommend suitable classes based on the user’s fitness level and goals.

Auro notes that… ‘Whether bored at the gym, away travelling, hindered by grim weather outside, or unable to get to a class, there is no reason to skip a workout anymore.’ All of Auro’s classes are available on-demand. So, all that is required is a set of earphones/headphones or a speaker and a smartphone. Classes can also be downloaded in advance in case there is no Wi-Fi when choosing to work out.

London has seen a growth of boutique studio classes from 1Rebel to Soul Cycle. However, Auro adds that these classes can be expensive at £25-30 per class, and may be hard to fit into a busy schedule.

‘For a monthly subscription, users can access the same type of high-quality workout experience they would get at a boutique fitness studio with additional detailed performance tracking — at a fraction of the price.’

The app includes fitness classes for outdoor running, walking, treadmill, X-trainer, strength training, spin, rowing, yoga and stretching – which are all ‘curated with a killer playlist’. Users can also overlay their own music playlists from Spotify if they don’t like the playlists curated by via the app.

Al based algorithms used in Auro tailor workouts to suit the user. ‘The patent pending proprietary AI engine analyses multiple input streams to hyper-personalise fitness experiences like a real PT.’

In addition to hundreds of classes which update monthly (about 50 new classes), Auro also provides multi-week structured training programs (14 and counting) for a wide variety of goals from easing into exercise as a fitness newbie to someone training for a 5k or half marathon.

Auro also integrates with Apple Watch, Garmin, Myzone and a ‘whole range of wearables to provide detailed heart rate based analytics and personalisation’. This allows users to compete with other members or just themselves on the Auro leaderboards based on heart rate data.

The app was born out of the founder, Anta Pattabiraman’s frustration of not being able to access a coach on demand. Pattabiraman commented, “There are 9.7 million gym members in the UK, yet only a quarter of a million use personal trainers because of the cost. Without personalised instruction, most people get demotivated and don’t make the most of their gym membership / fitness schedule. I fundamentally believed that this could be changed. I wanted to make personalised instruction available to one and all.”

‘Auro is purposely different from other apps or streaming services available where users have to watch a video on the screen whilst the workout takes place. Auro includes images and gifs demonstrating each particular workout so form and technique is correct, but afterwards, requires users to fully focus on the activity without the distraction of having to look down or across at a screen to achieve the best results.’

Auro offers a free 14 day trial for users to see for themselves how the app works. After this trial, the monthly costs, based on length of subscription, are:

  • 12 months – equivalent to £4.99 per month
  • 3 months. £7.99/month billed quarterly
  • 1 month. £9.99/month billed monthly




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