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Challenge Family heading to Sweden with Challenge Vansbro


Challenge Family has announced a brand new race in Sweden, Challenge Vansbro. This middle distance race will be introduced in 2021 and is the result of a partnership with open water swimming competition Vansbrosimningen and the Vansbro Triathlon. The first edition of Challenge Vansbro will take place on July 4th, 2021.

“You couldn’t find a better race venue to showcase the beauty of Sweden,” said Olympic silver medallist and Challenge Vansbro ambassador Lisa Nordén. “I’m super excited about Challenge Family coming to Sweden and Vansbro. I love this area and the nature around Vansbro is amazing.

“It’s a small community used to hosting big races, and the course will be flirting with the athletes. I think the experience with the mix of the forest and nature together with the crowd and community will be what really puts Challenge Vansbro on the map.”

In a release Challenge Family noted that ‘Challenge Vansbro will focus on the amazing race venue, but also on tradition.’

Race Director Clas Björling said, “As an athlete at Challenge Vansbro, you’ll be part of a long-standing tradition in Sweden’s most cheerful triathlon event.

“Vansbro Triathlon’s ambition has always been to ensure that all participants and spectators get a great experience around the event where fellowship and joy have been in focus before the competitive side of the race. This focus will remain, although we change our name to Challenge Vansbro.”

Challenge Family’s CEO Jort Vlam said “As an endurance sports organisation and endurance athletes ourselves, we have a lot of respect for the great legacy of the famous Vansbrosimningen. The tradition of the long open water swim lasts already for 70 years. Each year the event inspires 14,000 swimmers to participate and the whole local community is involved. We recognise our Challenge Family values in them, so we are really proud to partner with Vansbro.”

Tomas Viker, General Secretary at Vansbrosimningen, said”Challenge Family is an internationally well-known brand who, with its focus on festival, family and community, fits well for Vansbrosimningen and our values. The partnership with Challenge Family implies that Vansbro Triathlon, from 2021, will change its name to Challenge Vansbro, but the race will be delivered by the same dedicated team.”

Vansbrosimningen is one of the largest open water events in the world. The first edition of the 3k river swim was held in 1950. Over time, a 1k, 10k and junior swim have become popular additions to the event. Recently the Vansbro Triathlon has been added to the race program. Since 2014 the event attracts more than 14,000 participants per year. Vansbrosimningen is part of the ‘Swedish Classic’ which also includes cross-country skiing (Vasaloppet, 90km), biking (Vätternrundan, 300km) and running (Lidingöloppet, 30km).




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