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Dual Dry and ZeroScent from Odlo


With its Dual Dry lightweight apparel technology, Odlo, the Swiss company with Norwegian roots, is offering a balance between weather protection and breathability. In parallel, from spring 2020, Odlo is using ZeroScent technology in all newly developed parts of its synthetic sports underwear, shirts, and more.

Dual Dry
Billed as an ‘innovative Microclimate Management Technology’, the company claims that its apparel ‘keeps you comfortably dry while you run, whatever the weather.’ Runners can choose between a light windproof and waterproof version, or a windproof and water-repellent version.

At the most recent ISPO trade show, the Dual Dry Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket was awarded the Gold Winer in the Running segment by the ISPO Awards Jury. According to jury member, Dr Nils Nagel, Managing Director at DIFG, “The Odlo Dual Dry Zeroweight Waterproof Jacket provides an innovative, flexible but water resistant layer and can be stored as a very small package. It can be used in different kinds of sport such as running, hiking, cycling. The jury is therefore convinced by its versatile usage.”


  • The Superlight Technology has a 20,000 mm water column rating
  • The Moisture Vapour Permeability (MVP) is 50,000g/sqm/24h
  • The Ultralight Laminate weighs only 53g per square meter. Resulting in the Men’s L Jacket weighing only 135g

According to Odlo, its ZeroScent tech is biologically active and extremely effective. It uses the odour-inhibiting technology HeiQ Pure SPQR, an odour-controlling agent combining antibacterial particles with a bio-based, odour-inhibiting polymer.

This agent stops the development of bacteria which cause unpleasant odours. The ZeroScent stay fresh technology developed with Swiss textile specialist HeiQ, ‘encloses the synthetic fibres of the Odlo performance clothing like a film.’

  • Prevents the process of bacteria converting odourless sweat into smelly decomposition products.
  • If bacteria do manage to convert contents of the sweat into smelly basic by-products, these are neutralised by salts, making them odourless again.
  • The protective film around the fibres prevents the bacteria from settling on the fibre surface.

According to Odlo, thanks to ZeroScent, sweat remains almost completely odourless during and after sport.

From this spring, Odlo is using ZeroScent in all newly developed parts of its synthetic sports underwear, in shirts, polo shirts and more. The company adds that natural materials such as wool, silk and linen don’t need this extra help, because they have natural protection against bacteria.




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