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Going cupless: Nuun and HydraPak eliminating plastic at Mascot Sports run events


Mascot Sports has announced a partnership with hydration brand Nuun and HydraPak to make all Oakland Run Co events cupless in 2020.

Oakland Run Co events are created by Mascot Sports, and this year each race participant will receive a HydraPak SpeedCup. This is billed as a lightweight, easy to hold, reusable and collapsible cup that can be ‘tucked away or clipped on anywhere’. Runners will use their own personal cups at Nuun hydration stations on course, ‘eliminating tens of thousands of cups at each event.’

“Mascot is about building experiences that positively impact our community and our participants,” said Tim Cole, VP of Events. “This partnership not only reduces our environmental footprint, but adds value for our participants and allows them to make an impact, too.”



Mascot and Nuun piloted the system last year at the inaugural Bay Bridge Half, an event named one of the Best Global Running Events in the 2019 Challenge Awards presented by Runner’s World and Let’s Do This. The event was also the 2019 Pitchfest winner, awarded by Running USA, Nuun, and Brooks Running.

The partnership now expands the zero-waste concept to the Livermore Valley Half, Oaktown Half, and Oakland Turkey Trot, which is held on Thanksgiving Day in Oakland.

“The Nuun team is honoured to partner with Mascot Sports and Hydrapak in this pivotal moment for event sustainability,” said Kevin Rutherford Nuun President and CEO. “We are inspired by Mascot’s zero waste leadership, and look forward to hydrating their participants prioritizing both their performance and the environment.”

For each event, Mascot will also replace bib-affixing safety pins with snap and lock reusable fasteners by the East Bay’s BibBoards.




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