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Herne Hill Velodrome announces investment from The Rapha Foundation to support cycling development


Herne Hill Velodrome is thrilled to announce that it has received a significant new investment from The Rapha Foundation to support it’s work making cycling an accessible sport and help develop tomorrow’s future champions. This investment represents a strong vote of confidence in the work of the enthusiastic staff, coaches and volunteers who make Herne Hill what it is. In the coming years, it will make a real difference to the thousands of people that use Herne Hill Velodrome’s facilities.’

‘The grant represents a major boost to Herne Hill Velodrome’s development work, building on recent successes in women’s and children’s cycling initiatives. By hiring a dedicated youth development officer for the first time, Herne Hill Velodrome will be able to support more young riders at the track and increase awareness of the opportunities available to ride. The Rapha Foundation’s funding will also help improve the facilities and equipment, and make the site, as well as the sport, accessible to the widest community of users. Herne Hill Velodrome wants more riders to enjoy the benefits of cycling, particularly from those groups that are under-represented in the sport today, and this investment is a key step in helping achieve that goal.’

This investment represents part of the second round of funding announced by The Rapha Foundation, who have a mission to inspire, empower and support the next generation of racers by funding grassroots and not for profit organisations.

Tim McInnes, Chair of the Herne Hill Velodrome said “Herne Hill Velodrome is tremendously grateful to The Rapha Foundation for this investment. It makes a massive difference to what we do at Herne Hill, allowing us to reach out into our local community and improve our facilities, to show people that cycling really is an accessible, fun and rewarding sport, whatever their reason for getting onto a bike.”

Phil Wright, Chair of the Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome said “This investment from The Rapha Foundation represents a huge vote of confidence in the work of our staff, coaches and volunteers. By enabling us to do even more, this is the start of an exciting time for all our riders and their families, and the new cyclists we will be able to welcome to Herne Hill Velodrome.”

Simon Mottram Rapha founder and CEO said “I am extremely proud to announce the next group of organisations who will get funding from the Rapha Foundation, this time close to home. Herne Hill is an iconic facility for those of us who live in London and we are excited to help them reach more of their local community.”




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