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HIGH5 in partnership with TerraCycle


Specialist nutrition brand HIGH5 has confirmed a partnership with TerraCycle – a recycling company specialising in hard-to-recycle waste.

HIGH5 notes that… ‘Whilst a lot of our packaging can be recycled, we know not everything is. Our single-use packaging (this includes our Energy Gel and Energy Bar wrappers) aren’t widely recyclable through traditional recycling facilities as they are made of multiple layers of different plastics. We have a responsibility to address it.’

At the moment, the packaging used for gels and bars is seen as the best way to make sure they are made, stored and used without bursting or splitting. It also makes sure they are kept fresh. From its investigations, HIGH5 has found that a viable packaging material for its current single-use packaging is a long way off.

TerraCycle is a recycling company specialising in hard-to-recycle waste. It takes packaging that is not considered locally recyclable, like energy gel and energy bar wrappers, and works with national waste management companies to turn them into a material that can be used to make new products.



There are a number of ways that HIGH5 customers can get involved in the programme:


  • HIGH5 collection bins given to event partners: this will get HIGH5 collection bins at sponsored and partner events.
  • Use bins at feed stations on course: these bins will be available at feed stations on-course.
  • Event collected wrappers go to TerraCycle: once the event is over, HIGH5 will collect and send the contents of all the bins to TerraCycle to be recycled.

By Post

  • Collect used HIGH5 wrappers: pocket packaging on all runs/rides, give them a rinse at home and store them to build a stash.
  • Pop them in the post: Once wrappers have been collected, pop them in an envelope and send to: THE HIGH5 CYCLING PROGRAMME, AB Sports Nutrition, The Science Park, Brighton, BN2 6NT.

Recycle and start again: HIGH5 will send wrappers to TerraCycle. The company adds that they could end up as park benches, plant pots or watering cans!




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