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IBGNA distributing MagneticDays smart trainer, JARVIS, in North America


Italian Bicycle Group NA (IBGNA), a bicycle import and wholesale distribution company of Italian cycling products to Canada, Mexico and the United States, has confirmed the distribution of the MagneticDays smart trainer, JARVIS.

In 2012 MagneticDays set out to create a ‘new, innovative solution in the field of indoor cycling, going beyond the concept of a smart trainer.’ The resulting product, JARVIS became ‘the first indoor cycling system with a scientific approach to training called High Tech Training, or HTT Methodology.’

MagneticDays claims that HTT Methodology represents a scientifically built training program, going beyond the concept of Power (i.e., watts) and distinguishing it from its two fundamental components: force (Newtons) and RPM (revolutions per minute).

Through the control of Force and RPM, MagneticDays claims to be able to help each athlete/user to improve her/his own physiology with the goal to optimize performance and wellness.

Hundreds of training programs available with JARVIS are built as structures of offset and percentages. The physiological parameters (in real time) for each athlete/user are inserted in the system, so the software can develop a built training program and upload it in the list of workouts to be performed.

Different tools that are used during each workout include: Auto Newton, Auto Watt, Ideal Rhythms, Joule Progression Newton, RPM, Watt Progression/Watt Regression. Included with the purchase of JARVIS is an introductory session with a certified coach, an FTP test, and 12 training programs designed specially for the athlete/user’s goals and level of fitness.

JARVIS by MagneticDays is considered a super premium scientific smart trainer. Made in Italy of the highest quality raw materials including aluminum, carbon fiber and steel, JARVIS by MagneticDays has been called ‘The Ferrari of Smart Trainers’ for its design, 100% Made in Italy construction, and athlete/user scientific training methodology, High Tech Training (HTT).

Italian Bicycle Group NA is currently establishing an authorized dealer network for MagneticDays’ smart trainer, and independent bicycle dealers (IBD’s) are encouraged to contact the company in order to set-up an account.

The MRSP of the MagneticDays JARVIS smart trainer is US$2,000, and includes a heart rate monitor, speed sensor and 12 training days with a certified coach session. All MagneticDays indoor and outdoor training products are made in Italy by ORF Srl.




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