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International expansion for Jeroboam Gravel Series


In 2017, the Jeroboam Bike Festival Franciacorta was held for the first time, blending gravel routes of 300km, 150km and 75km with a ‘great family atmosphere’. Following the subsequent 2018 event, the event organiser found that ‘people asked us to bring this atmosphere closer to their home.’

In 2019, Jeroboam landed in three new countries; and in 2020 it will continue to expand, including events in Central America (Costa Rica) to open the calendar and one in Asia (Japan).

Jeroboam Gravel Series 2020 schedule

  • Costa Rica – 13-15 March
  • Greece – 8-10 May
  • Japan – 6-7 June
  • Italy, Dolomites – 19-21 June
  • Italy, Franciacorta – 18-20 September
  • Spain – 2-4 October
  • Austria – 2-4 October

The routes will be varied across the series, aiming to highlight the diverse regions of each event. The Costa Rica route, which runs through the entire Nicoya peninsula, will be relatively gentle with ‘only’ 3,000m of climbing on the 300km course.

The 300km route of Jeroboam Franciacorta in Italy is billed as the world’s toughest, with very rough surfaces of all kinds and 7,000m gained. Riders need anywhere from 20-40 hours to complete the challenge.



This year Jeroboam Italy Franciacorta will be challenged for the title of world’s toughest gravel ride by Jeroboam Italy Dolomites with as much as 10,000m of climbing for the 300km course.

That said, riders who love these regions but don’t have the stomach (or legs) for the more extreme rides can always opt for the 150km and 75km routes.

The first weekend of October will see dual events in Austria and Spain. Jeroboam Austria will also be among the gentler 300km routes in the series, taking in the slopes of the Kärnten region. Jeroboam Girona is in its second year and ‘as riders found out last year, it is tough.’

Across the series, the 300km, 150km and 75 km routes (matching the Jeroboam, Magnum and Standard wine bottle sizes) will be joined by a short Demi Family Ride.

Event schedules always try to allow for riding both a performance distance and the Demi Family Ride on the same weekend. Most Demi Family Rides also include some tasting of local food and drink.

In addition to the standard distances, there will be a couple of local variations including the 180km event in Japan, which reflects the traditional size of the Sake bottle.

In general, where the 300km will be more suitable for bike-packers looking for overnight adventures, the 150km will be geared more at those who love speed and performance beyond the asphalt.

The 75km is positioned at those who are new to the discipline or are coming back from some time off the bike. The Demi Family Ride will be the most inclusive, allowing families to ride together and experience the joy of riding.

3T will be returning as the main sponsor of the Jeroboam series. Other partners will be announced for individual dates or the entire series throughout the season.

Registration for Jeroboam Costa Rica, Greece, Italy Franciacorta and Italy Dolomites is open now.




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