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KOM Cycling’s new tubeless repair tool


A new tubeless repair tool from KOM Cycling weighs in at a mere 25g, and is claimed by the company to be ‘two to three times lighter than others without compromising quality or functionality.’ KOM Cycling adds that ‘It’s so lightweight that it comfortably fits in a jersey pocket or saddlebag, ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.’

KOM Cycling’s tubeless repair tool features both a tyre reamer and a tyre fork at each end. First, the user smooths out a hole with the tyre reamer — then lock in the repair strip with the tyre fork. KOM Cycling notes that… ‘Most other tubeless repair kits cut corners by giving you one tool to cover the job of two. The KOM Cycling tubeless tyre tool, on the other hand, does the job correctly the first time so that you avoid unnecessary problems later.’

The new tubeless repair kit is designed for mountain bikers and roadies alike. Included in the kit are eight 1.5mm bacon repair strips. These small strands are claimed to be ‘better equipped for bicycle tyres than the large strips you find in many kits.’ KOM Cycling points out that larger strips are adapted from car tyres and make fixing a tubeless tire puncture a hassle.

To give the tool a personal touch, it comes in an array of colours, including black, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, purple and orange.

  • Pricing: US$15.99
  • Available: January 20th, 2020




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