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Lottery opens for 2020 PATAGONMAN point-to-point iron-distance race


After the ‘triathlon prodigy’, Mauricio Mendez from Mexico, became the champion of the first edition of Patagonman in 2018, the point-to-point iron-distance race in Patagonia has reportedly ‘grown fast and strong’.

In 2019 Tim Don became the champion of the second edition of the scenic and challenging triathlon in Chile where other celebrities such as James ‘Ironcowboy’ Lawrence, Lucy Gossage and Allan Hovda have also participated.

The organizers of PATAGONMAN are getting ready for the 2020 edition which will take place on December 6th 2020, in the region of Aysen in the heart of Patagonia. On January 30th PATAGONMAN started its ballot to receive applications for its third edition.

‘Anyone from any place in the world will be able to buy a lottery ticket to participate for a slot in this unique adventure.’

All the money collected from the lottery goes directly to charity in Patagonia and only 300 athletes will be selected to take part in this journey. They will be notified my email in March and will have a week to complete their registration by paying the entry fee (approx. US$620).

The 3.8 km swim leg of the race starts with the jump from a ferry boat into the icy-cold waters of Aysen Fjord (10°C), from where athletes must swim back to Puerto Chacabuco. The cycling leg of the race rolls on 180 km of the Carretera Austral that has actual pavement. And from Villa Cerro Castillo, the race finishes with the marathon (42.2 km) ‘through dirt trails and rubble roads following the Ibañez River through forest, next to beautiful lakes and waterfalls all the way to the General Carrera Lake.’

Each competitor is required to show up with a support person whose role is to assist the athlete throughout the race with ‘food, hydration, clothing, mechanics and spiritual motivation.’ This support person is allowed to take more people (family and friends) so they can witness the race. Finally, from km 30 of the run, support crew and athletes can ‘run together all the way to the finish line for the most amazing experience in triathlon.’

In past editions athletes from more than 50 different countries have raced, and ‘most of them travelled around Patagonia after the event.’ The organising team add that the race is becoming ‘one of the most international sport events in Latin America as the after-race feelings have been extremely positive from both amateurs and pro athletes’.

  • Tim Don – “This race is real grit, Patagonman is raw triathlon”
  • James Ironcowboy Lawrence – “I loved the race, this is grassroots!”
  • Lucy Gossage – “Unlike anything I’ve done before”
  • Allan Hovda – “The journey of my life”

For 2020, the organising team is expecting close to a thousand athletes to participate in the lottery for a registration slot. Big names are reportedly interested in taking part of the event even though they have not been confirmed yet.




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